Series Blurb:
The My Nemesis Book Series is an explosive, emotional journey through the healing and recovery of a family torn apart by tragedy. Follow Joy in this jaw dropping, book series as words jump from the pages with such passion, the characters are brought to life with vivid imagery. Family feuds, forbidden fruits, and deadly plots pull evil personas to the surface. This, hot adventure will have you clinging to the edge of your seats. A series filled with malicious acts and selfish venture. Behold Joy’s refusal to accept reality and fight every effort to recover, while her nemesis looks to her demise. Witness the drama, deception, and seduction, hidden within the pages of this mystery suspense tale, as we discover just who Joy’s nemesis is.
Volume I: The Mind’s Eye:
After a tragic storm claims the lives of Joy Anderson's family, Joy awakes to find herself strapped to a bed, afraid of her own reflection.  "My Husband and children are alive, their bodies were never recovered," Joy yells hysterically at the crowd of spectators expressing their condolences. Joy’s delusional sightings of her children and husband become the highlight of conversation for friends, family, and business associates.  The once prized literary agent and book guru has lost her senses, fighting with her reflection and talking aloud to presumably no one.
Samantha, Joy’s younger sister, is faced with a chance to live beyond her sister’s shadow. She must either choose to save Joy from her behavioral dysfunctions or her already troublesome marriage. Joy's Mother n Law continues to plan a memorial service Joy refuses to attend, while Sam's Husband Charles and business partner of Joy's late husband Justin sets his sights on a fund that could clear his name of all gambling debts.
             Charles is making moves, Darrin is having trouble deciding the matters of his heart, and Sam is as nasty as ever. There is a million dollars at stake. Lines are crossed and bonds are broken. Will Joy uncover who her nemesis is? Is she her worst enemy?
The mind’s eye began with Joy’s loss of sensibility after her family is taken by the storm. Joy may appear crazy but she will not be taken advantage of, not if Lillian Andrew’s has anything to say about it.
As Volume II begins Joy fights to decipher between her lust for revenge and the good natures she longs to promote as she clings to her need for attention and heroism.
Now that Lillian has made her debut Joy must decide whether Lillian’s shenanigans are warranted. Joy seeks comfort in her mirrored friend and begins to see just what her husband and conscious warned her about from the beginning. A hostile takeover is a foot as whispers of a million dollar check spark a loud chatter. Rumors of debt to some rather unsavory personalities, turn decent natures into scandalous rogues, desperation befalls party’s trying to relinquish the debt. A plan is put into action to discredit Joy’s right to Justin’s estate.
Sam conjures a plan to get out of debt and build a nest egg of her own. While her husband Charles takes advantage of Joy’s wavering consciousness. Both sisters look to uncover the missing link that has a hold on both Joy and Sam. Who will prevail? The truth unfolds as vengeful acts birth a sibling rivalry that tests the line between love and hate. The saga continues as Joy uncovers the myths of her family history and unveils the identity of her true Nemesis.
Someone is coming back to town and when he or she presents sparks will ignite. The mouths of many will drop and the games of trickery have just begun. Someone is bound to get burned, because the heat is on. This mystery, suspense, drama is chilling. “I’m back… and I am out for blood.”
Marisola is hotter than lava. She is the soon to be wife and mother of Darrin’s child and is more than confused about Darrin’s attachment to Joy. With the death of Darrin and Joy’s daughter Marisola is shamefully relieved that her baby won’t have to share center stage with Darrin’s love child. She is more than eager to reveal to Joy that she is carrying his baby.
Darrin however, is still very much in love with Joy and seeks comfort in her presence. Feeling guilty about abandoning her twelve years prior he is persistent in winning back her love. Darrin may be a good candidate for Joy to relinquish her sexual frustrations, but to her it would only make things worse. Especially since she is still convince that her husband and two boys are alive and awaiting her return. Dear old Darrin has never been one to take no for an answer, but as things heat up he may be the one simmering down. He is torn between Joy and Marisola, as he continues to doubt his ability’s to be faithful and a good father.
Meanwhile, Sam is shameless in her attempts to settle the score. She will stop at nothing to collect on what she feels is rightfully hers.  She can’t seem to sit down. Her nerves are shaky awaiting Charles’ insurance policy check to clear. She is dating the enemy, but only for his riches while his nose is wide open.  When a familiar face returns to the busy streets of Oakland, Sam is hot on the trail, she can’t believe her eyes; but sticks to her gun’s in her vengeful plot. Sam has a score to settle, but so does the person returning. She’s not the only one out for blood. She too is hunting down those she feels are responsible for the death of her husband. She is far from coming to terms with her sister’s lapse in judgment. She sets her sights on her firm, while Joy has ventured to the quiet comforts of the forest to gather her thoughts, hopefully in beginning the steps towards healing.
Nadine takes a stand against both Sam and Darrin by telling them to kick rocks and leave Joy be. Darrin is caught lurking about Joy’s office building looking for her whereabouts. She hasn’t returned any of his phone calls or written correspondence. The whereabouts of Lillian are questioned, when unexplained occurrences start to effect the creditability of Joy’s business. Nadine smells a rat and advises Joy to come back to town, as she is sure Sam is behind it all. Nadine is looking to catch Sam in the act having witnessed her deviousness personally. She can’t wait to see Joy’s jaw drop as she unveils just how scandalous little Sam can be. Who Returns with a broken heart and lost soul, a line is crossed and love turns into a smoldering hate? Who is Joy’s Nemesis?
The Return ends shady as hell as Darrin is arrested for attempted murder. Sam’s plan goes to pieces when she realizes Mike has a little more clout in the land of criminal justice; so she is forced to follow his lead. Mike and Darrin go head to head behind issues of past rival gang affiliation due to their present frustrations. When a face on a magazine stirs trouble in the hills, a return to the city brings questions that when answered turn his fears into a rage of vengeful acts that could turn deadly. Then there is Sam and her admittance to Joy on her death bed. Who is Joy’s true Nemesis?

Chen is desperate to flee the restraints of her husband Gun. While her conscience fights her need for freedom and her families strong hold to loyalty; Chen finds herself not only, caught up in a love triangle; but knee deep in a murder investigation. It turns out her ties with the Korean mob are the least of her worries. She may be sleeping with the enemy herself.

Heart pounding…tear jerking…arousing…worst pain…and the best feeling we ever had…
“These tears I cry…sure won’t be the last…this pain inside…never seems to past…never seems to past me by…”
Tour the journey as this Officer and gentleman, John Dixon, rescues a woman that has been sold to drugs and slave trade. He is a hero to the states; but his soul is empty much like poor Nikki’s. Both are victims to lack of love and support as John is condemned for serving a country that has killed innocent members of his family and Nikki is outcast from her influential family due to her accidental addiction to drugs.
Love finds them and life is good but when John is called back to fighting for his country Nikki is left feeling alone and abandoned. John’s family has yet to accept her and their newborn son, her sister is wallowing in her luxurious lifestyle, and the loneliness and uncertainty of John’s wellbeing begins to warm the veins in her arms. The letters begin and express the love, support, and dependence, they vow never to break.
When the letters stop… the commanding officers seem oblivious to what has happened to Nikki’s Dear John. She suspects malice and questions the platoon only to find that Naval Officers that her husband trained and wives she has communed, cried, and serviced with have demanded she show proof of marriage. Lost in the twilight zone, Nikki becomes irate and against all odds and warning of possible torture and capture leaves the states headed to Afghanistan in search for her husband. Book one is just the beginning of this story of romance and heroism.

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