Sunday, October 21, 2012


The winter winds blew in and I took refuge under a blanket. My laptop was on its full charge and I was ready to unleash the beast that lay dormant during summer. The wake always enters in the cold. The heat of the sun fry’s my brain and summer’s end is celebrated.
During my slumber I question my very existence. Troubled with the creativity of the Aquarian mind I often jump from high levels into full on projects which never seem to see the end. Times have now changed, however. My mind has been opened to new ventures.
I am excited, in fact, that I have the patience to see things through. However, nasty and cut throat the world of any venture may be, I am standing on my own two feet accepting and battling my adversaries.
My heart and mind are at constant war. The sensitivity’s I often wear on my sleeve peek when I am trying hard to shield them from preying eyes. I hold my head high and cry during the dark nights. Wishing my foe well, keeping them close in mind and reach. I am able to continue in challenge.
The war is on. The Rebirth is here challenging my most dreadful moments of fear and failure. I am constantly taunted by the fallen angel on the right of me and my savior on my left. Hunching over often buried by the troubled times of this life full of responsibility and burden I sift to find those moments of love and laughter.
I find them close, as my children’s bright eyes glisten, I remember. I am again born and ready to fight the good fight. Once again remembering why I am truly here.
Running the race, with a winner’s circle chanting my way to the finish line, to finish is my goal, not necessarily to win.

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